During the last years, the wild nature in Greece and the wider southern Balkan area is being destroyed at an unprecedented pace. The mountain tops are being blown away with explosives or leveled with bulldozers; the forests are being cut; thousands of tons of cement and chemicals pollute the wildest parts of its nature; its rivers and small gorges are being dammed, the communities lose access to the water, the trees and animals are being given as a gift to the “green entrepreneurs” who take all the water rights of use. All part of the European Union green policies: to install tens of thousands of wind turbines and small hydroelectric plants, in the most pristine parts of the natural world.
Under the guise of ecological sensitivities and —as is the rule in the post-pandemic era— dictated by a state of emergency (this time, the climate one), the terrible twins of destruction/privatization are consuming the whole of the natural world. Our forests and rivers are turned into batteries.

The people of Grammos Mountain fight against the green plans for the installation of 30 small hydroelectric dams in their mountain; for their right to fresh water and for the right of the water to flow free.
The soundtrack of this video is part of a cover version we are currently working on; “Liberation of Spring” by Elugelab Survivors.