Millions of Dead Tourists “Helicoide” – LP/CD
4 tracks album (total time 38:10). Label: 1000+1 Tilt
You can order it from Bandcamp or by sending us an e-mail here.
You can download it for free from Archive.

Recorded in Athens and Thessaloniki, January to March 2018, while both cities were being sold to airbnb.
Released March 6, 2019. 

Vocals, lyrics & tapes on Nothing is Possible by Alyssa Moxley
Mixed & mastered by Stefanos Konstantinidis at Fabrika Music studio. 
Photography by  Stéphane Charpentier

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Millions of Dead Tourists – s/t CD
5 tracks album (total time 37:55).
2nd edition on factory CD (Feb. 2018): 110 copies with 1 color offset print.

1st edition on CDr (Oct. 2016): 220 copies with 1 color offset print (out of stock).
You can order it from Bandcamp or by sending us an e-mail here.
You can download it for free from Archive.
Trades are welcome.

Recorded in Athens and Thessaloniki, May to September 2016.
Stuff used: basses (2), audiomulch, humans (3), synths (nanozwerg, erebus),
pedal effects, sequencer, negativity.

Thanks to Paolo and DIY studio
Mastered by emdy
Photography by Stéphane Charpentier
Label: 1000+1 Tilt

Read press release (in Greek)
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